Who We Are

R&S Solutions is a Pharmaceutical Services company providing superior Third Party Logistics (3PL) and pharmaceutical services to the industry.

Our Mission

R&S Solutions was established in 2017 to provide cost effective, high quality Third Party Logistics (3PL) and pharmaceutical services to the industry.

As the newest member of the well-established R&S family of businesses, R&S Solutions leverages more than 35 years of industry experience to provide superior service.

As a family company, we honor client relationships and aim to exceed expectations as we customize and scale each project, striving to be an agile, dependable, one-stop 3PL and industry services provider in a network of premier family companies.

Why We Are Different

Along with the 35+ years of industry experience that come with any R&S family business, R&S Solutions provides quality assurance and competitive differentiators.:


Our Differentiators:
  • Designation as a Tennessee Corporation
  • Order to Cash
  • GMP Compliance
  • Fully Licensed status
  • Approval for Controlled Substances C-II through C-V
  • 18,000 square foot vault holding approximately 1700 pallets
  • Unit or Each Pick Capable

R&S Family Businesses


R&S, owned and operated by the Shirley family, has been serving the pharmaceutical industry since 1982. Our commitment to quality, superior service and innovation underlies our work as we support our current and future clients’ business.

As a family company, we take pride in serving our customers while maintaining our relational culture and foundational values.

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Since its inception in 2005, Apace Packaging provides cost effective, high quality packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry with talented personnel, strict production standards, and innovative ideas.


Formerly Dixon-Shane Drug Company, R&S Northeast has operated as a national pharmaceutical wholesaler since 1972. Its primary commitment is to provide the best supply chain option, primary or secondary, to meet 340B and non-340B pharmaceutical and medical supply needs.


Incorporated in the state of Tennessee in 2007, AvKARE has become a leader in the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry, with over 600 products currently available in the AvKARE and AvPAK labels. AvKare supports the FSS Contract for Medical/Surgical and Pharmaceuticals, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and multiple National Contracts.


A CLIA-certified lab focused on molecular and advanced diagnostic testing. MyGenetx is the primary resource for transitioning and implementing precision-guided medicine, with a medical team of experts in research and clinical product development for genetics.

Meet the team

Every member of our leadership team has extensive pharmaceutical and management experience for a collective 100+ years of industry expertise. We bring this knowledge to each client for a tailored, comprehensive business solution, helping you navigate the increasingly complex world of certification, compliance, and regulation as a partner in your business. Our full staff is knowledgeable, adaptable, and solutions-oriented, with backgrounds as pharmacists, healthcare specialists, and other related fields.


Jeff Tuller

National Account Manager

Jeff is a licensed CPhT bringing expertise to the R&S Solutions team with an MBA, CDR and DR, as well as other certifications and licensing. With a plethora of experience in sales and operations management, he has extensive knowledge in all pharma verticals. Jeff has also served on the Wholesale Drug Advisory Board for the State of Florida.

Jack Downing

National Account Manager

Jack brings deep expertise in pharmaceuticals and management as the former president of Downing Drugs, Inc. for more than 17 years. He also worked for more than 5 years as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager with Walgreens.